WOW developed from a small, informal organization that was started in the spring of 1989. It was the idea of Victor Valenti. He'd known of a similar organization elsewhere. At first there were no bye-laws, no newsletters, and no real organization. Primarily, all activities consisted of gatherings at Happy Hours. Membership informally consisted of those who attended any activity. By the summer of 1989, Victor dropped his management of the embryonic organization because of health reasons. Of course, the club is indebted to him for his pioneering efforts. Fifteen members recognized the obvious need for this group[ and decided to continue.

The first general meeting was held on September 25,1989 to select and elect officers. To begin with, there was no President, only Committee Chairpersons. Management of the club was by committees. Arrangement for activities and preparations were done by volunteers who generously gave their time and talents. To assist these people, co-directors were selected because most of the functions, at the time, were held at the homes of members.

Attendance at most of these activities was limited to members. When events were held in public places with more space, members were permitted to bring guests. Again it was and is, the generosity and contributions of members that continually volunteered that made the organization healthy.

There is no club owned real estate, office space, or club house, only a small amount of equipment and supplies for club functions. Management of the club's activities are performed by individual members from their own homes. This means that most funds can be used for the benefit and pleasure of club members. The system works well as proven by the increased interest in this club. The expanded activities have brought in additional members. Today the club has about 200 members in the greater San Diego area. WOW's success can be attributed to the early pioneers and the generosity of willingness of so many members giving of their time and effort to make WOW what it is today. WOW has grown into a special group of nice people, primarily due to one overriding factor: YOUR PARTICIPATION!

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